We're always looking for top talent

We are Rensch Engineering, an electrical and mechanical engineering firm located in the beautiful and historic downtown Snohomish, WA. This excellent location has minimal commute times and is a low stress environment. Our office includes people who enjoy recreational activities like hiking, camping, and fishing—all nearby—and a fantastic selection of local cuisine within walking distance. Many of our team members are also parents who enjoy being closer to their families and their everyday needs. You have the opportunity to join our team, expand your knowledge, and work on exciting projects—all while enjoying an easier way of life in your off time. If you are interested, we would love to hear from you.

  • Looking for a fun, friendly, and challenging workplace?
  • Tired of commuting?
  • Wanting growth opportunities?
  • You deserve to be seen, heard, and appreciated
  • Enjoy all these benefits at Rensch Engineering—the right place for you!

Quality Employees


We commonly survey existing buildings and hold meetings onsite. At Rensch, we take active steps to ensure the safety of not only our projects but also our valued employees.

Best Quality

We employ skilled and experienced engineers who work together and know exactly how to produce quality designs.

Company Events and Culture

  • Monthly Friday Pie Day—Local pies
  • Group outings, such as a bowling party
  • Regular Barbeques
  • Catered Christmas party
  • Historic Downtown Snohomish with awesome eateries
  • Nearby paved trails for walking, running, and cycling
  • Support of local athletic teams
  • Support of local charities